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Keeping your outdoor area looking well maintained may require landscape renovation once your plants have become mature.  Even if you regularly trim and maintain your trees and bushes, after several years they will become overcrowded.

Don’t lose your curb appeal

When bushes and trees get out of control it can have an impact on your property value and have a negative effect on your curb appeal.  It can also be a safety issue!  For instance, hedges that grow up to block windows.  Not only do they give a house a rundown look, tall hedges block natural sunlight and provide cover for thieves trying to break in.

The health of your plants is at stake

When your plants grow too close together it does not just create an eye sore. Overcrowded plants are quicker to become weak.  Weaker plants do not grow to their full potential or may die, and taller plants will be flimsy.  Due to lack of air flow between the plants they can become infected with various mildews and/or blight.

Structural issues

Trees that have been planted too close to sidewalks or to your home can also be an issue. Large trees with long, lateral roots can cause serious damage to sidewalks and a home’s foundation.   They also house pests such as carpenter ants and termites and bring them closer the house.

When should you renovate your landscape

In general, most foundation plants live to their fullest potential for 15 years.  Landscape renovation is usually necessary within 10-15 years of planting, however if the plants were not regularly pruned it can become necessary much sooner.

What does renovation include

There are some occasions when new plantings can be mixed in with old to revitalize a landscape.  However, to receive the full benefit of a beautiful new design it is usually better to start from scratch.  New plans are provided, old plants removed, and all new landscaping installed.

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