The Haverford Community

Though considered a somewhat small town, Haverford has much to offer!  Being a college town, Haverford caters to an active, young, and fun lifestyle.  Yet with it’s large inventory of pre-World War II architecture, remains charming and respectful of the past.  This community offers an abundance of regal homes set upon rolling green hills.  John A. Pinto Landscaping has been offering Haverford landscaping since 1975.  Knowing the area so well, it is with great care that we draw up our landscape designs.  We strive to give each design its own unique character, while honoring the community surrounding it.


Haverford Landscaping Services

John A. Pinto Landscaping offers a full-range of Haverford landscaping services.  We create functional and creative landscape designs and take the design all the way through construction.  We also offer landscape renovation for those who simply want to “start over”.  We have the staff and resources to take any project through to completion, big or small.  We service both residential and commercial properties.  We can install irrigation systems, guard your property against erosion, and offer a property maintenance package that will keep your landscape looking beautiful all year round.


Additional Landscaping Services

While new plants, trees and flowers will surely enhance the look of your home, there is so much more that we can do!  We can make your outdoor space an extension of your home by incorporating various hardscaping.  Charming, winding walkways that lead to specially featured area.  Areas that are built up and accentuated through use of retaining wall and sweeping flora.  Or a beautiful custom made stone patio.  We can do it all!


Lawn Issues

In addition to our Haverford landscaping services, we offer maintenance packages to keep your lawn looking healthy and green.  We offer aerating and seeding services on an annual basis or as-needed. Just built a new home without a lawn, or just wanting to start over?  John A. Pinto Landscaping offers sodding services for both residential and commercial properties.


Ready to Get Started?

Having served in the Haverford, Pennsylvania area since 1975, John A. Pinto has become a trusted name in landscaping.  We would love to work with you on your next project.  Please contact us to get started or if you have any questions.


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Hardscaping is a wonderful option for those looking to add features to their property that aren’t necessarily plants.


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