Landscaping Tips

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Landscaping Tips %WORKCITY%

Landscaping is not as simple as planting some flowers and mowing the grass. Designing a landscape for a new home, established home or staged home takes time, care and thought. Here are some tips to keep in mind when considering Main Line landscaping.

Decide how much effort you want in a landscape.

Are you going to maintain the landscape or have a company do it? Are you going to mowing the lawn, watering the grass and flowers or tending to the weeds? These are all things you need to consider. How much involvement do you want in your landscape. If you simply want it tended and enjoy it having a Philadelphia Main Line landscaping service take care of all of it may be just what you need. If you want a good foundation to start from and then tend it yourself, a simple set up may be all that’s required.

What type of elements do you want?

Are you going for a minimalistic look or over the top and flowery? Consider a water feature, or something as simple as a bird bath. Perhaps a rock garden and gravel surrounding pathways instead of grass may be a good option for low maintenance. Shrubs, trees and seasonal plants all come into play when designing your landscaping. You may not want every flower to bloom at once and then have no color for the rest of the year. A good combination of evergreen and deciduous may be a good start.

Consider colors and contrast.

Tones that set Breathtaking and eye-catching property landscapes are not usually random acts of nature but well thought out creations of imaginative and knowledgeable planning. Landscapers put much thought into unity and balance with their color schemes and plant textures. It’s important to create and aesthetically pleasing rhythm throughout the yard, much like an artist would do throughout a painting. Having an understanding of color and the diversity of common blooming plants, shrubs and trees is very useful to this end. John A. Pinto Landscaping has such an understanding for the Haverford area. Following are some tips for coloring your landscape design whether you’re working with a professional or trying out your own green thumb potential.

  • Think about what kind of impression you want your yard to create. This is the fun planning and brainstorming phase. Bright colors demand attentions and give off an energetic feeling. Colors like red and yellow would demand such a statement but are also very seasonal. Do you want a relaxed spa like feeling in your landscape? Try purples, blues and pinks, using white as a filler.
  • Create unity in your design, making sure it “makes sense”. An easy way to accomplish this is by choosing one dominant color and making sure it’s sprinkled throughout the whole yard. Remember, it doesn’t have to be the same plant, just the same color. It’s also helpful to point out that perennials may have a higher upfront cost but will reproduce and can be divided over time which causes them to pay for themselves and then some.
  • Create a focal point in your yard by multiplying colors. The eye is naturally drawn to a coexistence of different hues. Also, stagger the heights of different plants to increase visual interest. Want to hide an unsightly fence or other distraction? Plant flowers or greenery there or design a beautiful flower bed.
  • The traditional color wheel and an understanding thereof will help you immensely. Pairing colors that lie as opposites on the wheel will complement each other. Once again, white can be added as a nice neutral.
  • Learn the heights and colors of your favorite plants, shrubs and trees. Also, discover which plants are sun lovers and which ones prefer the shade.

It ultimately all comes down to your own personal taste. Make sure your yard reflects you and if something doesn’t work, transplant it. Gradually add in more perennials so that your yard becomes less labor intensive over time. It will always be a work in progress but it’s also therapy for the soul.

Your Imagination – Our Design

We want to provide you with the best look, affordable price, and satisfied design possible. Whether you need monthly Main Line landscaping service or a one time design job, you can be sure that John Pinto Landscaping can accomplish your vision and your goals.


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